I'm so excited to have more time to keep up
with my blogging, cause I'm waaaaaaay behind!

Here's what I was up to last month...

We finished up our American symbols unit. Our projects
really brightened up our room the last few weeks of school!

Our Chocolate Day party was combined with a pajama party
{they earned as a class reward}!
We finished the novel Chocolate Fever so we enjoyed
chocolate treats and the movie on one of our last days

 Celebrated mother's day by having brunch with my girl!
{hubby too}


My husband also graduated from college! Woohoo!
He's the first in his family to earn a 4-year degree.
He decided a few years ago to go back to school to finish
his undergraduate and I couldn't be more proud of him! :)

First pool day of the summer!

Discovered an awesome new lake/park close to our house!

Trying to take pics of ourselves at the park. :)

And the last one was taken yesterday just because!
I mean, how cool are these hillbilly wine glassess!?!?

I really can't wait to catch up with all of you and your blogs!
I know I have a lot of reading to do. :)

Right now I'm off to prepare for my girl's first day of preschool tomorrow.
I don't really know what I mean when I say "prepare" cause there's
not a whole lot to do!
We've got the backpack and water bottle
and that's all they really told us she needed.
I'm so excited for her because she is so ready to be in a school
environment {she's been in an awesome home daycare so far}
but she's going through a phase where she cries and doesn't want
us to leave her. 
She's NEVER done that....ever.
Even when she was little.
It started the last two weeks of school when I would drop her off
at daycare, the children's place at the gym, sunday school, etc...
Hopefully, its a short phase and I won't regret starting her in
preschool over the summer.
She's just going two mornings a week and then will be full-time
when school starts.
If anyone has any preschool advice let me know!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)

{and if your summer break hasn't started yet...I'll say a little prayer
for you to get through the last few days!}


  1. Loved these pics. How exciting for your little girl and Congrats to your husband.

  2. I have the same redneck wine glass :) so fun!!