Urban, Suburban, & Rural Areas....and a THANK YOU!

 Can I just say how much I appreciate
you all stopping by my little blog!!

I know a lot of you found your way here
from Cara's post last week.
She is sooooooooo sweet
and VERY generous to take the time
to introduce some of us newbie bloggers:)

This week has been all sorts of CRAZY!
Really, the last month has been out of control,
but in a good way:)

I can't wait to get a little free time
this week {hopefully} so I can 
follow all of my new readers' blogs, too!

 Here's a little something I did with my class this past
week to learn about the differences between
urban, suburban, and rural areas.
They had a blast making these posters
together. Everyone had a part and created 
something for each area.

Later, when we compared/contrasted the
different areas, these posters we SO
helpful to the kiddos and I could see
them studying them as I asked them
to tell me, "How is an urban area
different from a suburban area?"
Great visual cues!

I hope to post later this week about my Daily 5 progress.
Like I said before, I was kind of on the fence about
implementing Daily 5 this year.
Let me just tell ya, after completing beginning of the
year reading assessments...I'm becoming more
confident that this is the right thing to do:)
And, I'm having so much fun getting Daily 5
inspiration from fellow bloggers!

Have a great start to your week!


  1. Love the posters. When I taught this I had kids do a picture sort of the three areas, they really grasped on to the concept then. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the posters! We did community models using milk cartons, you can check it out on my latest blog post :)

    Also, I can't wait to see how Daily 5 is going for you. I am implementing it this year (did you see my comment a few posts down about Daily 5 for Dummies?? It has helped me TREMENDOUSLY!)

    Feel free to stop by my little bloggity-blog :)

  3. Lauren-yes I did see your comment, and I've been meaning to visit your blog! I'm going there now!

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