March 11, 2012

3-D Shapes Book!


I'm officially on spring break and it came at
the perfect time.
Here in good ol' Kansas this week we will be having
highs in the 70's...pefect flip-flop weather! Winning!!!!

So...this afternoon I have to trudge down to my
basement and find all my spring and summer clothes
and so the switching out of the winner clothes begins. :)

We are getting ready to begin a unit on shapes which is why
I made this book for my kiddos to work on during math workshop.

The shapes included in the book are a cone, cube, sphere,
cylinder, rectangular prism, and pryamid.

They cut out the shapes and
paste them on the correct page. Then they
 write a sentence about the shape.

This file is for sale in my TpT shop for here.
These are super easy and fast to make. I copy the pages front-to-back and set the
copier to staple twice on the left side. Then I can cut them in half
with the paper cutter and the booklets will already be stapled and put together!

This book goes perfectly with my 3-D Shapes Poster Pack...check it out here!

I left my jump drive at school, but luckily its open all week so I'm
going to swing by tomorrow and get it so I can share a freebie
with you all tomorrow!
It's a worksheet to review edges, faces, and vertices
of 3-D shapes.



  1. I'm putting together the same items for my kids! haha - third grade, though.
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. Very cute! I love the graphics from Ginger Snaps, don't you?

    Fun in Room 4B

  3. cute!! :) I'm not sure when we get to 3-d, but it's in my wishlist for when we do...hmmm...maybe we already did while I was on maternity leave?? lol...who knows!