Daily Oil Routine

1  //  I drink Ningxia Red errday y'all. Why? Because it's amazing. A drink made from the wolfberry...the ultimate superfruit! Its great for overall wellness support as well as energy.

2  //  A couple drops of lemon oil in my water to start the day. I try to drink a glass of water before I get my coffee. Just a little personal rule that makes me feel responsible. Ha.

3  //  I put Stress Away on daily because I love the smell. I put it on my wrists and my neck.

4  //  Diffusing Thieves and Lemon is a daily combo in our house. Usually in the AM since we are home for the summer.

5  //  At some point during the day, usually afternoon, I love to put a drop of Grapefruit in my water. So so good.

6  //  We usually run the diffuser a couple of times a day. Citrus oils are our favorite go to oils in the afternoon to perk us up!

7  //  The Kidscents oil collection is used on a daily basis. We use Bite Buster and Owie the most but love them all.

8  //  Summertime means a whole lotta bug spray. We make our own with Peppermint, Thieves, and Purification along with witch hazel and distilled water. Smells amazing!

9  //  I have a roller with diluted thieves for putting on our feet before bed to assist our immune system.

10 //  This blend of Frankincense and Helichrysum is another way I support my eye health. I have it in a roller ball bottle to easy roll on before bed along my eye bone. While being very careful to not actually get any in my eye. That's a no no.

11  //  For my youngest, I usually diffuse Lavender or White Angelica in her room to promote a good night's rest!

This is an overview of my daily oil routine. I use other oils depending on what my or my family's needs are for that particular day. Do you use essential oils? What is an oil you can't live without???


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  2. I think I may have already made this comment, but in case I didn't: I LOVE your posts about what you're reading with your kid. They make me want to be a mom more than just about anything else I've ever read. I really hope I'll be able to have the same experience with my kid someday.