We grew plants in what?!?!

Happy Monday!
Most years, my students have grown seeds in ziploc
bags with a wet paper towel.
Some years it worked fine, others not so much. :(
I came across this post by 2 Busy Brunettes that showed
another way to grow seeds, and the best part was the students
would be able to see EVERY part of the process and EVERY part
of their growing seed.
Go here to check thier blog post on growing seeds in....

CD cases!
Yep it worked so well I will definitely not go back to ziplocs, or little
cups, or anything else.

 My students could see all parts of the life cycle, including germination and
their little seeds growing roots. They loved it!

 The CD cases were so easy to prep. My student teacher actually brought
these from her house...and we popped the black piece right out, that actually
holds the CD, so then it was just the clear case.
It leaves an opening that is perfect for watering your seed without actually
opening the case....because that would be extremely messy!

I'm sure you have or know someone who has CD cases laying around since
no one really has a use for them now anyways!
Just put your CDs in a soft case that holds several and then you
can grow seeds in the cases.

 About every other day, we watered our seeds and wrote and drew an observation
of our seeds. I had two students share a seed, so we had about 10 CD cases
We also made an extra one that we put in the refrigerator to observe how
cold temperatures affect seed growth.

Besides the observation journal, we also used these activities to learn about plants...

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