Number Forms


Sorry to be a blog slacker.

You can thank grade card season and conferences.

Anyhoo, glad to be back, and I have a few things to
share in the next few weeks so I'll try and stay consistent.

I LOVE candy corn.
A lot.

When I saw this idea on pinterest, from Katie over and Katie Lately,
I knew I wanted to do it with my 2nd graders.

I made a template and wanted to share
it with you all. Click the button below the pic
to download a free copy!
Here's a lousy pic I took with my phone of our candy corn numbers
hanging in our room.

Don't think you can't do candy corn activities
in November,
because it's the candy that keeps on giving {in pounds}
all Fall long!

I've also been reading aloud, The Candy Corn Contest,
by Patricia Reilly Giff,
and we are loving it!
I just assumed it had a Halloween theme but the
story actually takes place in the weeks leading
up to Thanksgiving.

I can't get over all the fabulous ideas floating all
over the teaching blogisphere for Thanksgiving!
I'm overwhelmed and need to pick a few ideas
I think I can do instead of dreaming of doing everything:)

Have a fabulous weekend!



  1. I read The Candy Corn Contest in November too and I bring a jar of candy corn for the kids to estimate. Then for the rest of the year, we have an estimation jar with different items each week that they get to estimate!

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