butterfly life cycle

You might have seen this great idea
from Somewhat Simple floating around Pinterest...

We read, Butterfly House, as part of our
reading series and it's a great story
to introduce students to the life cycle
of butterflies!

It's such a cute story that fits very well into
the unit theme of kindness.

Anyway, my coworkers and I wanted to 
do this activity, but here in Kansas,
all the leaves are crunchy and brown
and we'd make a crusty mess trying
to glue them down.

So, I decided to make a template to glue
on the paper plate that the kids could color.
Then we glued the pasta on top of each picture. 
You can click on the picture to download the template:)

I still like Somewhat Simple's best with the real
leaves and twig, but since we are forced expected to
read this story in the fall,
ours will have to do!


I think they turned out cute!



  1. We did this activity last year during our Eric Carle unit :) The kids think it's the coolest thing because of the pasta! Thanks for sharing your template!

  2. great activity and our 2nd grade will enjoy during out butterfly unit! Thanks